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Book Review:
In Search of Schrodinger's Cat. Quantum Physics and Reality, by John Gribbin

In search of Schrodinger's cat tells the story of Quantum physics and reality. The book contains the history of how many major events in this subject occurred. A lot of important ideas are discussed and where appropriate other text titles are given for further reading. There are also helpful diagrams to make ideas clearer throughout the book.

The book is divided into three main sections. Part one introduces quantum physics. It explains important breakthroughs in details, like the discovery of x-rays and the structure of an atom. Part two covers quantum mechanics and other concepts like the electron, photon and antimatter. Part three is called "And Beyond" which gives a very in-depth look into the uncertainty and chance of the universe including parallel worlds and many other ideas about the universe.

The ideas on quantum physics and mechanics were useful, they helped to make clear, ideas which will become useful during A-level physics. The ideas and theories of the universe and surroundings, although very complicated, left me looking at the way the universe works in a completely different light. Some things were very hard to comprehend especially the ideas of parallel worlds and the idea 'God plays dice'. One section is rightly called "Beyond Science Fiction" and this seems true for it seems physics goes where fiction never dared.

I would recommend this book to physics students who want help on some ideas and who ant to learn about this subject. Also to anyone who enjoys physics and the history of Quantum theory. To someone who has no interest in physics this book would seem very mind-numbing.


Reviewed by Katherine Andrews - 1998

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