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Gosford Hill School E-Safety Statement

A copy of our full E-Safety Policy is available on request.


Gosford Hill School recognises the Internet and other digital technologies provide a vast opportunity for children and young people to learn.  The Internet and digital technologies allow all those involved in the education of children and young people to promote creativity, stimulate awareness and enhance learning.

As part of the E-Safety policy, Gosford Hill holds steadfastly to the ethos that there should be an equitable learning experience for all pupils using ICT technology.  The school is committed to ensuring that all its pupils will be able to use existing, as well as up and coming technologies safely. We are also committed to ensuring that all those who work with children and young people, as well as their parents and carers, are educated as to the risks that exist so that they can take an active part in safeguarding children.

The nominated senior person for the implementation of the School’s E-Safety policy is Mr. C. Hall.

Gosford Hill School will ensure that the following elements are in place as part of its safeguarding responsibilities to pupils:

  • policies including the Staff Acceptable Use policy, the Social Networking policy and the E-Safety Policy  are regularly reviewed and updated;
  • information to parents that highlights safe practice for children and young people when using the Internet and other digital technologies;
  • adequate supervision of pupils when using the Internet and digital technologies;
  • education that is aimed at ensuring safe use of Internet and digital technologies;
  • a reporting procedure for abuse and misuse.

Gosford Hill School will seek to ensure that Internet, mobile and digital technologies are used effectively for their intended educational purpose, without infringing legal requirements or creating unnecessary risk.

Gosford Hill School expects all staff and pupils to use the Internet, mobile and digital technologies responsibly and strictly according to the law.  Full details are available in the E-Safety Policy.

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