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Behaviour and Rewards

Achievement Credits

Students are able to gain achievement credits by showing any of the below. These will be recorded by staff on SIMs. They are then collated by tutors and heads of year leading to additional rewards.

Behaviour for Success

Our expectation is for all students to have impeccable behaviour at all times, this will have a positive impact on their learning and progress.

Classroom Expectations (C1 & C2)

Students will receive a detention

  • If they fail to meet any of these R.E.A.D.Y expectations. Student will initially will be warned (C1). If they then continue to not meet any of the R.E.A.D.Y expectations the student will be parked (C2) from the lesson. When parked a student will go to a specific classroom with in the Faculty for the remainder of the lesson.
  • If a student is parked period 1 – 4 they will receive a same day detention. The detention will be for 40 minutes and held in the school canteen
  • If a student is parked period 5 their detention will be the following day
  • If a student fails to turn up for a detention they will be placed onto a detention the following day for 70 minutes in the school canteen
  • If a student fails to turn up for a 70-minute detention they will receive an internal exclusion and be placed in the Reflection Room the following day. The student will also sit a 70-minute after-school detention following their day in the Reflection Room
  • If a student receives two C2’s during the day, they will be placed in the Reflection Room. The student will be visited by their Head of Year and may be issued internal exclusion. The student will also receive a 70-minute same day detention


During a student’s detention they will have time to reflect on the choices they made during the day. The classroom teacher who issued the C2 will visit the student in their detention to discuss the poor choices they made during the lesson and prepare the student, ready for their next lesson.

Parents will be notified before the end of the School Day if their child has a same day detention.

Faculty Leaders / Head of Year will monitor the classroom behaviour of students to identify issues.

Detentions will be led by Subject Leaders, Faculty Leaders, Heads of Year and Senior Leaders.

Restricted access at lunch and break times

Students will be restricted to the canteen at break and lunch if:

  • They approach other students and initiate conflict
  • Choose to encourage/stay and watch a conflict between other students
  • Do not follow staff instructions straight away and without discussion
  • Are found out of bounds
  • Drop litter
  • Any other behaviour that affects the smooth running of the school

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must not be used at any time on the school site (including break and lunchtimes). If they are see by staff, they will be confiscated without discussion and collected by parents/carers.

The only exception is where staff give permission for students to use phones as learning resources in lessons or during registration.

If students need to contact parents/carers, they will use the phone at reception.

If phones are used to record images/ posted on social media on the school site or during school events, it will be referred to the link police officer. If footage undermines the ethos of the school, an exclusion may be issued.


Internal Exclusion (IE), Fixed Term Exclusion (FTE) or Permanent Exclusion (PEX)

The below behaviours MAY lead to IE, FTE or even a PEX

  • Student refuses to go to parking – before this the Faculty / Subject need to use strategies to get the student into parking, this may include ‘Take up Time’.
  • Participate in any form of physical, verbal or emotional bullying towards any member of our school community
  • Failing to hand over mobile phone when asked to by a member of staff
  • Use inappropriate language towards peers or members of staff
  • Exhibit dangerous behaviour around / on school site at any time
  • Damage school property or property that does not belong to you
  • Truant lessons and jeopardise the safety of yourself or others
  • Commit an act of theft
  • Bring prohibited items such as cigarettes, weapons, drugs onto school site

Reflection Room – Internal Exclusion (IE)

If a student is in the reflection room they must hand in their mobile phone.  The students bag will be stored separately.

If a student chooses to misbehave in the reflection room they will receive a warning. If the student continues to make the wrong choices, they will be place into a separate room. Further poor choices will result in a student being sent home and a FTE issued or the day to be sat again.

The reflection room will follow the structured timetable below:

Student Development TimeSilent Reading
Period 1PSHE
Period 2Maths
BreakReflection Room, Pastoral Assistant to escort students to the canteen if needed
Period 3English
Period 4Science
LunchReflection Room, Pastoral Assistant to escort students to the canteen if needed
Period 5Options Subject (KS4) or Silent Reading (KS3)

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