The House System

There are four Houses at Gosford Hill. The names were selected by students and are all named after local rivers;

Each house is made up of 8 tutor groups, each includes students from years 7 to 11 (vertical tutoring). Sixth form tutor groups are also attached to houses.

By organising our pastoral system in this way we are aiming to increase dimensions to;

Each house has a House Leader, an assistant House Leader, eight form tutors and a link member of the Senior Leadership Team. All non teaching staff and Governors are linked to a House.

All Houses have their web page, charity, noticeboard, assemblies and tutor programme. Inter House Competitions are an important feature ranging from sports to prizes for highest attendance.

Celebration week in term 6 are important house assemblies to recognise achievement in subjects, extra curricular activities and community work.

The House Councils consist of two students from each form and meet every two weeks to discuss issues raised by students. These in turn feed into the Student Leadership team consisting of seven students from each House. This is led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, meeting every two weeks and holding an annual student conference.