We believe that Science has something to offer every student whatever their future needs and aspirations. From trainee hairdresser to particle physicist, mechanics apprentice to cancer researcher, everyone needs some level of basic Science understanding. We want our students to ask questions about the world around us, and find out the answers during their Science lessons. We use a range of teaching methods and use practical experimentation whenever possible. We try to take pupils on out of lesson experiences including outside learning and trips. We have high expectations of our students with regard to behaviour and public examination outcomes. We value all students and the contribution they make to Science lessons and we try to cater for the needs of all. We hope to inspire pupils to become lifelong Science learners and to foster enquiring minds so that many students choose to study the subjects at a higher level.

Science is a compulsory subject in both Key Stage 3 and 4. At Key Stage 5 we offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics A-Level.

Our Faculty has a clear vision: our raison d'etre is outlined here

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Exam Boards

Key Stage 4
Core Science - AQA
Additional Science – AQA
Biology - AQA
Chemistry - AQA
Physics - AQA

Key Stage 4 Revision Tips
Core and Additional Science
Separate Science 

Key Stage 5
Biology - AQA
Chemistry - Edexcel
Physics - AQA

Acting Faculty Leader: Clair Edwards

Science Team
Tom Baker
Amirah Hamdy
James Moss
Gerti Morshead
Andrew Heaver
Kathryn Pittaway
Michael Corion
Robert Hainitz

Sarah Ebbs - Laboratory Technician
Caroline Adair – Laboratory Assistant