We believe that Humanities, as a group of complimentary subjects, have a fundamental role in the development and education of our students at Gosford Hill. We want our students to take their place in their community and be well - rounded, caring, active and concerned young citizens, with an understanding of, the values and attitudes of different cultures, and of the world around them and their place in it.

We will work together and support each other to give all students quality learning experiences, whatever their needs and abilities, including taking learning outside of the classroom. We value all learners for who they are and what they can bring to our subjects. We will encourage students to become independent learners and foster a sense of enquiry in them. We want to inspire the students to love learning and enjoy our subjects so that they choose to take them to higher levels.

We have high expectations of all our students, whatever their ability. We want them to achieve success in public examinations, at the best level they can. To this end we aim to deliver at least good lessons, with the needs of all learners met, using a variety of approaches.

Thus as a Faculty we:

Our Faculty has a clear vision: our raison d'etre is outlined here

Exam Board Information:

We follow the AQA syllabus. History GCSE  comprises 4 topics: Britain the Health and the People –this is a Thematic study over time,  Conflict and tension 1918-1939, America Expansion 1840-1895, Elizabeth I.

New GCSE (teaching from Sept. 2015, Year 9)
Geography - Edexcel
History - AQA

Download course content information for KS4 GCSE (Year 9): GeographyHistory, and RPE  

GCSE (Year 10 & 11)
Geography - AQA
History - AQA SHP syllabus A option American West
RPE – OCR Philosophy and Ethics short course

Download course content information for KS4 GCSE (Year 10 & 11): GeographyHistory, and RPE

New A Level (teaching from Sept. 2015)
Geography - AQA
History – AQA
Psychology – AQA
Sociology – AQA

Download course content information for the KS5 A Level: GeographyHistoryPsychologySociology and Philosophy and Ethics


Download course content information for KS3: Geography, History, and RPE

Further details can be obtained from the Faculty Leader 

Faculty Leader: Hayley Curtis

Humanities Team:

Anne Campbell – Assistant Faculty Leader
Alison Driscoll - Assistant Headteacher
Dom Ward – Deputy Headteacher
Helen Fuglesang
John O'Regan - Assistant Headteacher
Matthew Gannon - Windrush House Leader
Samuel Buckley
Gillian Barnes