Curriculum Overview


Our aim is to provide a curriculum that:
1. Raises academic attainment and promotes at least good progress for all by being both stimulating and challenging
2. Focuses on meeting individual needs with an ambition to encourage independent thinking and a sharing of knowledge
3. Enables every student to reach their potential through high quality learning and teaching so that the gap between disadvantaged students and others narrows
4. Supports literacy and numeracy across the different subject areas
5. Provides extra curricula activities that stimulate and encourage students to learn outside the classroom
6. Embodies our core values and vision


The curriculum will:

1. Lead to qualifications that will enable students to progress to the next stage of learning (training or employment)
2. Enable students to fulfil their potential
3. Provide equal access to a range of learning experiences
4. Help students make informed choices about their future
5. Cater for all students’ individual abilities so all can achieve
6. Equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in contemporary society
7. Help embed aspects of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education – including British Values
8. Enable progression between different key stages


KS3 Years 7 and 8 (50 1 hour periods per fortnight)
Subject Allocation (notes)
English 8
Maths 8
Science 6
Humanities* 8 (History 3; Geography 3; RPE 2)
Computing* 2
Languages* 4 (French and German introduction)
Arts 6 (Drama 2; Art 2; Music 2)
PE 4
Technology 4 (Resistant Materials, Food and Textiles rotate)
A small number of students follow an Alternative Pathway in a nurture class for Humanities, Computing and Language lessons. They are 'disapplied' from Languages to concentrate on key skills including literacy and numeracy.


KS4 Years 9, 10 and 11 (50 1 hour period per fortnight)
Subject   Allocation
English   8
Maths   8
Science Combined or Separate Sciences 10 (combined) or 13 (separate)
PE   3
RPE Religious and Personal Education 2
1 EBacc. Subject Computer Science; German; French; Geogrpahy; History 4 or 5 (depending on year and separate sciences)
3 from other subjects including EBacc subjects plus Drama; Art; Music; ICT; Business; Textiles; HSC; Sport; Resistant Materials; Food & Nutrition 12-15 (4 or 5 for each subject depending on year and separate sciences)
*A small number of students follow an Alternative Pathway (AP) concentrating on the core subjects. They also complete the COPE qualification, an ICT qualification and other qualifications depending on the needs of the students. There is also a Vocational offer in Year 11 to assist AP students with career opportunities and pathway progression.


Sixth Form / Post 16
  • Over 20 A Level courses are offered at post 16 which build on the Key Stage 4 offer.
  • Most students study 3 A Levels with the most able students including those studying for further Maths studying 4.
  • Support is available for those who did not gain GCSE English and Maths. There is an expanding enrichment curriculum including the Extended Project Qualification, Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • We offer a small range of A-Levels in partnership with The Marlborough School. Currently those are A-Level Music and A-Levels in Modern Languages.


  •   Year 7 & 8 Curriculum Maps are produced three times a year for students and parents
  •   A Key Stage 4 Information booklet is produced each year to inform preference choices
  •   A Sixth Form Information booklet is produced each year to inform Post 16 choices
  •   Given the changing ‘educational landscape’ the curriculum is reviewed annually