Thank you for your interest in Gosford Hill School. If you would like a tour of the school, please contact the school directly.

Process of application

You can apply online at If you are unable to apply online you can use the Common Application Form (CAF) available from:

The Admissions Team
County Hall
New Road

Please use one method only.

Criteria for selection

The admission rules for community and voluntary controlled secondary schools are shown below in the descending order of priority.

Children who have a Statement of Special Educational Need naming a particular school in part 4 of the statement. Children who are looked after by the local authority. Disabled children who need to be admitted to a school on the grounds of physical accessibility. Children who live in the school’s designated area. If there are more applicants than places;

- children with a brother or sister on roll

- children who live closest to the school by the nearest designated public route as defined by Oxfordshire County Council

Children living outside the designated area who have a brother or sister on roll. Children who attend a partner school and live outside the designated area. Children who live closest to the school by the nearest designated public route as defined by OCC.

Information from the Local Authority

Please contact the admissions team on 01865 815175 or by using the email and address shown above.

Alternatively visit the website:

Year 6 Transfer

Parents of year 6 students on roll at a Kidlington partnership schools will automatically receive information about admissions from the Children, Young People and Families directorate early in the Autumn term. Other families need to contact the Department directly (see details above).

Sixth Form admissions

For information relating to Sixth Form admissions, please contact Gosford Hill School directly.


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