Recent Letters

Title Date Published Download
Social Media Safety 27/02/2019 Download
School Uniform Expectations 14/02/2019 Download
Year 11 Practice Exams Notices for Parents, Carers and Students 22/01/2019 Download
Emergency Closure Procedures 18/01/2019 Download
Changes to Staffing in Science 07/01/2019 Download
Parent Workshops: 7th January 19/12/2018 Download
Christmas Lunch 03/12/2018 Download
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 29/11/2018 Download
Alex Timpson Attachment and Trauma Programme 23/11/2018 Download
FoGHS Christmas Fair 23/11/2018 Download
Accelerated Reader (Part 1) 20/11/2018 Download
Accelerated Reader (Part 2) 20/11/2018 Download
School Canteen - Management of Allergens 20/11/2018 Download
The School Day Consultation 14/11/2018 Download
Postponement of Sixth Form Progress Reports 15/11/2018 Download
Parent Workshops: 14th November 2018 09/11/2018 Download
Children In Need: Friday 16th November 09/11/2018 Download
Year 11 Practice Results Afternoon 09/11/2018 Download
Setting Detentions - Information for Parents and Carers 09/11/2018 Download
School Funding Campaign Letter 12/10/2018 Download
Parent Governor Vacancies 11/10/2018 Download