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500 Word Competition

BBC’s 500 word competition encourages students from the age of 6-13 to be creative. The competition is not about grammar or spelling and teacher/adult intervention is very limited. The stories are the students’ own and it is their creativity which is rewarded. In 7N imaginations have run wild: there have been sea otters saving the day from violent gangs; swimming champions; the mysterious disappearance of Jack and Jill; and cupcakes which came alive!

I should receive an email in March to find out whether any of our entries have made it though to the next round of judging. Regardless to whether the students make it through, I am very proud of their efforts.

Kate Bourne, Teacher of English


When the Sun Shone

Most of my life it had been the same. Imprisoned in a frustrating world of silence. I had been shaking the bars yet they were determined not to budge: forever they remained firm in a concrete of despair.

The outside world was no option; once I had seen its becoming beauty, exquisite sights and wonders that words could not describe but that was all before it happened.

My parents love me and I loved them, more than they will ever know. I’d told them many times – through sign and symbols – but was not the same. I had a song to sing but no words with which to adorn it and I did sing it just no one heard it. Deep in my heart there was a candle which let off a warm radiance, an incense of hope; however, a candle cannot last forever and mine would soon run out.

I am just a normal girl but I am trapped in a useless body, strangled by silence, fighting to be free but I am nearly burnt out.

Emily, my speech therapist, sits rubbing my back whispering words of motivation and encouragement but I am paralysed with defeat and I close my eyes. I don’t care any longer, the flame is dead.

She stops – the sympathy and caressing abruptly end. She leads me to the front door, fear and panic whirl in my mind. It has been five years since I have been outside, the desperation mounts, my mind is screaming ‘NO’ but my heart contradicts me. I can hear it but to the world I remain mute. Why? Why now? Emily knows how I feel. I had been as clear as I can with my silent communications.

The cool April breeze hits my weak frame and the sounds of the world drearily echo around me.

My curiosity awakes and I open my eyes. The sky is a pallet of greys and silvers; the clouds that splodge the sky are dense. The gravel and grit grimace as I gravitate towards a gentle warmth.

Then, suddenly, the clouds part.

‘Look!’ Emily whispers, a sparkle in her voice. I am. The sun’s bright light dazzles me. The world is bursting with a vibrancy and a radiance unlike anything I knew could exist. Interrupting my state of awe, Emily peacefully commands me. ‘Speak’.

From deep within me comes a fizzing sensation, almost like sherbet but warmer and more satisfying.

Emily takes my hand to her mouth and says, ‘sunshine’.

Vibrations tingle through my hand and I fill with a resilience, strength and determination which I had forgotten.

‘Shin son,’ I mumble, ‘shunshin’. Then, with a deep breath, I summon the impossible word, ‘Sunshine!’

And the light floods in.

Annabelle Black, 7WHWD


Birds Can’t Taste Spice

One sunny warm day a small black bird by the name if henry was sleeping in his abnormally high nest. He looked up so the first thing he would see would be the beautiful blue sky, but when he opened his eyes the dark silhouette of a magpie filled his vision. Peering closer he saw with his amazing sight he noticed it was holding a bottle labelled NINKOS WORLD SPICIEST SAUSE. Henry knew that a drop of the stuff could burn a small creature to death, so when a drop flew down into his mouth with a small kerplunk he was shocked when he felt absolutely fine. His immediate reaction was that he was dead but he could see and breathe. He thought about it for 3 days and in the end he concluded he was immune!

The next day henry glided around the nearest town telling people to spread the word that a contest would begin to find the world’s best chilli eater! He zoomed across the countryside looking for the best place to hold it. Henry eventually picked to set up the marquee in a massive forest in the west of wales. He had just finished when the gargantuan trucks holding thousands of ghost chillies (the spiciest peppers in the world) to be put in a containing tank. Two days later the contestants started lining up across the country to challenge the small bird. One by one every woman man and child bet, ate and lost, each time they would be breathing fire while henry did press ups to warm up. Henry was the champion.

A few weeks later at snoodle sortie’s science lab had received hundreds of requests saying "work out that smelly bird’s problem" and "check his genetics" they were all angry of the bird who had taken their money. First the scientists extracted a birds DNA then explore the brain and other absurd experiments until they got to the tongue. Sections were for tasting worms, cabbage and bird wee-wee. NOTHING FOR SPICE! "My fellow scientists" snoodle shouted "we have made a breakthrough!"

FBI workers had worked around the clock to find out where henry the bird-turned-criminal lived. At 11:00 at night they found his gold and titanium ultra-nest. "All units" shouted big nosed sergeant slap of the police force "move in!" light and music blaring from the building suggested that a party was on. "Hackers patch us into the loudspeaker" slap uttered. Soon afterwards the booming voice of the terrifying voice of the 56 year old president of the United States shouted through the speakers "henry blackbird come out here at once" henry (looking petrified) fluttered out a window and onto the floor. "you are under arrest" sergeant slap shouted to the shaking bird "for stealing money" the only words ever said back were "I challenge you to an ice eating contest"

Evan Rhymes, 7CKWS


Posted: 2018-03-07 11:09:55
Last Edited: 2018-03-13 14:56:26