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School Life

The experiences that students have beyond the classroom are often equally – if not more – memorable than their learning in the classroom, and are probably the opportunities that shape them most as people. We provide opportunities for all students to enjoy life at Gosford Hill School, to make great friends and to develop personally and socially.


For many students, their identity, confidence and sense of self-worth is built on their sporting ability. We have many talented sports people who, individually and in teams, compete at local and national level.

The Arts

The process of artistic creativity and the opportunity to perform help students develop essential life skills and an understanding of the world. Our talented musicians, actors and artists grow in confidence due to the opportunities on offer in our nurturing environment. Our annual School Production sees students performing on stage and in the band, and also involves those who don’t see themselves on stage leading on a technical aspect: sound, lighting, set design or stage management. We have an annual Creative Arts trip, too, which gives our older students the opportunity to work with professionals in a different cultural environment. Our Soul Band is attracting an increasing number of bookings to perform in the local community, but also further afield.

Outdoor pursuits

A love of the outdoors and a desire to challenge ourselves physically and psychologically underpin our rich outdoor pursuits programme. We run the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is popular with many students. In addition, we have an annual Ski trip and, biannually, a World Challenge, aimed at Sixth Form students.

Educational visits

The world becomes our classroom when students venture on one of the many educational visits we offer each year. We believe that these visits bring the curriculum to life and build strong relationships between students and staff.


We are passionate about developing leadership qualities in our students. The School Council (SLT2) is led by our Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies, and allows students to take charge is an opportunity for personal growth. We provide a range of opportunities, including a prefect programme, school council, and PIXL Edge. Students also get involved in running stalls at our annual Christmas Fair which is organised by The Friends of Gosford Hill School (PTA).

Time with friends

In an era of social media, having time to spend time together, in person, is increasingly important for young people. We have maintained a long lunch break in order to facilitate students being sociable and building friendships.

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