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History at Gosford Hill will provide students with a broad chronological overview of key historical events, developments and people that have shaped the British Isles, with links to the wider world.

Key Stage Three:

Year Seven begins with one of the defining moments to shape Britain, the Norman Invasion, and proceeds to consider changes in power, religion and society up until the Industrial Revolution.

Year Eight then asks students to consider Britain’s role in the wider world by exploring the role and impact of the British Empire on her colonies. Students then consider how defining events of the Twentieth Century, including the First and Second World, have shaped the modern world.

This key stage enables students to become aware of and practice the key historical skills of causation, change and continuity, significance, similarity and difference and interpretations.

Key Stage Four:

The course includes the study of different and contrasting time periods in history. There is one period study, one thematic study, one wider world depth study and one British depth study including the historic environment. This enables you to use a range of skills, such as understanding change over time, measuring the impact of change, factual recall, critical analysis of sources and causation.

Studying history at GCSE gives you lots of skills that will be relevant for a wide range of careers. It teaches you to think critically, put forward an argument coherently and to use evidence accurately to support a point of view.

We follow the AQA History GCSE and study the following topics:  

AutumnSpring Summer
Year 9Britain: Health and the People c1000AD-present Britain: Health and the People c1000AD-present Conflict and Tension 1918-1939
Year 10Conflict and Tension 1918-1939 America 1840-1895 America 1840-1895
Year 11Elizabethan England Elizabethan England Exams

Key Stage Five

Have you ever wondered:

  • How and why Henry VIII managed to get through six wives?
  • Why Elizabeth I never married?
  • How an unknown Welshman become King of England in 1485?
  • Why America has a national holiday on Martin Luther King’s birthday? 
  • Why America became embroiled in the Vietnam War – a war they couldn’t possibly win?

Through History A Level at Gosford Hill you will examine Britain’s past by studying the Tudors and the impact that they had on our society today. The study of America will give you the opportunity to assess its power and influence on the global stage in the twentieth century and how it managed its problems at home. The non-examined assessment will allow you to investigate a topic in detail that covers change and continuity over a 100 year period. Students are supported in devising their topics and questions. This provides students with the opportunity to analyse original source material as well as differing historical interpretations. Students work independently to research the key issues, read the historiography and complete an essay in response to your question. This is the closest you will get to studying History at degree level.


At Key Stage Three students have the opportunity to attend our weekly History Club, where in the past members have entered historical fiction writing competitions, created their own history board games and debated the historical accuracy of films.

At Key Stage Five our history students have the opportunity the use the University of Oxford Bodleian Libraries to complete their coursework, attend University organised workshops and study days, and take part in debating competitions

History Department

  • Miss S. Roach
  • Mr M. Gannon
  • Mrs H. Fuglesang
  • Mr F. Forder

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