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School Trips

Outdoor and offsite educational visits have a positive impact on raising standards and form a valuable and important part of the learning process for people of all ages.  They serve to:

  • bring breadth to the learning experience;
  • stimulate enquiry;
  • encourage tolerance and good relationships between all involved;
  • extend, enlighten, and enrich the curriculum;
  • provide opportunities for developing students’ appreciation of citizenship; and
  • foster self-discipline, organisation, and resilience
Year 8 Trip to Ypres, Belgium

During each academic year, Gosford Hill offers a range of one day visits and residential visits, both in the UK and abroad.

One day visits differ from year to year depending on opportunities that arise to enhance student learning. These may include visits to museums, geography field work, theatre tips and science workshops.

Residential visits or visits abroad are planned further in advance and these opportunities are communicated to parents to support participation.

Gosford Hill School has two days of Enrichment activities at the end of Term 6. These give students the opportunity to have different experiences both on and off site.

Ski Trip to Folgarida, Italy

Residential and Foreign visits 2018-2019

Year GroupDateNameDurationApproximate Costs
7Jul-19Year 7 camp 1 night, 2 days£86
8Nov-18Arras Christmas market1 day£80
8Mar-19Ypres1 day£80
8Apr-19Sports Tour3 nights 4 days£565
9 & 10May-19Berlin3 nights 4 days£435
9 & 10Jul-19Creative Arts tour7 nights 8 days£565
11Feb-19Ski trip7 nights 8 days£945

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