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In Computing we have very much adopted the move towards programming and understanding the computer, in line with our National Curriculum, whilst still preserving some of the ICT skills needed for the world of work.

Key Stage Three

In Year 7, the computing curriculum follows E-safety, Computer Components, Control, Micro-bit programming and Basic Programming and some of the history of computing. In Year 8 we have an E-Safety recap, Web design (using html), Binary and Logic Gates, Databases and Game Making.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage 4 students doing the OCR Cambridge National have three creative units – one on web design, one in game making and the other on graphic design. They have access to the industry standard software Photoshop and Muse as well as the Gamemaker Studio – although we also teach html coding in web design. Students then have the compulsory unit: ‘Pre-production Skills’.

In Computing students develop the computational skills of sequencing instructions, flow charting, and programming and structured query language. They will also be taught about how computers and networks work. Students are taught to be critical of the information available via the internet and consider the challenges of e-Safety.

Students following the OCR Computer Science GCSE have one piece of controlled assessment and two exams to complete. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge programming teaching and have pioneered teaching python programming through the Minecraft environment. We have also introduced teaching databases through the MYSQL command line interface, so that in the fullness of time students will have the necessary coding expertise to build their own social media platforms.  

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  • Mr C. Hall (Faculty Leader)
  • Mr P. Lee
  • Mr S. Marinari

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