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Business Studies

Businss Studies is offered as a GCSE and A-Level qualification. In Business Studies, our fundamental philosophy is for students to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of business, how they are formed and grown into large entities. We encourage our students to actively experience the business environment. This can be achieved through a variety of approaches, including work experience, links with local employers, case studies and research. Opportunities also exist to develop a practical approach through schemes such as Young Business Enterprise at Key Stage Five.

Our Business Studies Department provides a stimulating environment in which students are able to gain a broad appreciation of the business world. Our courses are filled with relevant and stimulating concepts that encourage students to engage with real business cases. Lessons are extremely interactive. Group discussions, presentations and real-life role plays, form the basis for inspiring lessons where business is bought to life and the higher order skills of independent investigation are often developed through analysis and presentation.

We have adopted the approach of building business skills and knowledge in our students. For some students who aspire to it this may mean being able to set up their own business, for others it will help provide the skills and knowledge necessary to occupy leadership and management positions in other professions as well as build vital skills for higher education.

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  • Mr S. Buckley (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs T. Arif

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