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Art & Design

Students at Gosford Hill School develop a foundation of key art skills and concepts by engaging with a variety of media and art movements, enabling them to make informed decisions about their subject options. The art department organises regular trips to enable students to experience learning outside the classroom. They will explore ideas and meanings in the work of other artists, craftspeople and designers, learning about the diverse roles and functions of Art and Design in contemporary life, and in different times and cultures.This includes gallery and museum visits, artist workshops and photography trips to help improve our students’ results at GCSE and practical skills.

Key Stage Three

In Years 7-9, Students develop their love of art through a curriculum that balances two-dimensional and three-dimensional work and generates two major projects per year. These theme-based projects are rooted in a variety of art movements, enabling a broad, enjoyable and purposeful experience of the subject and the use of a wide range of traditional and new media. They are further designed to equip students with the formal elements of art, craft and design skills and confidence in the subject. Some of the projects covered include: Portraits, Still Life, African Masks, Insects & Patterns.

Key Stage Four

At GCSE, the opportunity to work on long-term projects based on an initial theme/line of enquiry gives students the opportunity to investigate the artistic process with more depth. Significant personalised learning and support draws out the unique artistic and creative characteristics of each learner. Intellectual curiosity is positively encouraged in order to core skills with independent thought and purposeful depth. Students benefit from a wealth of media, facilities and expertise, from Adobe CC software (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.) to the techniques and principles of fine art printing, laser cutting, woodwork and sculpture. We recently received funding to reinstate our ceramics department also. Gosford Hill School offers GCSEs in: Art and Design: Fine Art Art and Design: Textiles Art and Design: Three Dimensional Design To find out more about these programmes, visit the AQA website.

Key Stage Five

At A Level, students work in their own studio space with an independence more similar to that of an established artist as they create their own practical portfolio of work. Additionally, students create a sustained, investigative and intellectual piece of written research that supports and aligns with their practice. They live and breathe the subject, discovering themselves in the world of art and design by visiting galleries and exhibitions as well as talking to visiting artists. Skills, knowledge and understanding are taught through personal tutorials, group crits and discussions and workshops inspired by the interests and learning needs of the cohort. Many students pursue an art-related route beyond Sixth Form for which mock interview and portfolio support is given by Art Staff.

Extra Curricular Activities

Without a doubt our most popular co-curricular activity is art club, which runs at lunch and after school. GCSE and A Level students love having a relaxed, supportive environment in which to consolidate their artistic practice, and KS3 students are increasingly making use of this facility, too.We ask our GCSE Students to attend Art club once a week to a minimum, this is to further support student progress and allows the best possible outcomes. Visits to galleries and exhibitions are offered at GCSE and A Level, local and national competitions are promoted within the Department.

The Art & Design Department

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