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KS4 Curriculum

Please refer to the latest Key Stage Four Preference booklet for more information. Below is a summary of the subjects we offer.

KS4 Years 9, 10 and 11 (50 1 hour periods per fortnight)
Subject   Allocation
English   8
Maths   8
Science Combined or Separate Sciences 10 (combined) or 13 (separate)
PE   3
RPE Religious and Personal Education 2
1 EBacc. Subject Computer Science; German; French; Geography; History 4 or 5 (depending on year and separate sciences)
3 from other subjects including EBacc subjects plus Drama; Art; Music; ICT; Business; Textiles; HSC; Sport; Resistant Materials; Food & Nutrition 12-15 (4 or 5 for each subject depending on year and separate sciences)
*A small number of students follow an Alternative Pathway (AP) concentrating on the core subjects. They also complete the COPE qualification, an ICT qualification and other qualifications depending on the needs of the students. There is also a Vocational offer in Year 11 to assist AP students with career opportunities and pathway progression.

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