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KS3 Curriculum

Below you can find a table outlining what subjects we offer. We also have a 30 minute ‘Student Development Time’ slot in the morning which includes Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.

KS3 Years 7 and 8 (50 1 hour periods per fortnight)
Subject Allocation (notes)
English 8
Maths 8
Science 6
Humanities* 8 (History 3; Geography 3; RPE 2)
Computing* 2
Languages* 4 (French and German introduction)
Arts 6 (Drama 2; Art 2; Music 2)
PE 4
Technology 4 (Resistant Materials, Food and Textiles rotate)
A small number of students follow an Alternative Pathway in a nurture class for Humanities, Computing and Language lessons. They are ‘disapplied’ from Languages to concentrate on key skills including literacy and numeracy.

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