Wednesday January 29th, 2020
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Curriculum Overview

Our aim is to provide a curriculum that:

1. Raises academic attainment and promotes at least good progress for all by being both stimulating and challenging
2. Focuses on meeting individual needs with an ambition to encourage independent thinking and a sharing of knowledge
3. Enables every student to reach their potential through high quality learning and teaching so that the gap between disadvantaged students and others narrows
4. Supports literacy and numeracy across the different subject areas
5. Provides extra curricula activities that stimulate and encourage students to learn outside the classroom
6. Embodies our core values and vision


The curriculum will:

1. Lead to qualifications that will enable students to progress to the next stage of learning (training or employment)
2. Enable students to fulfil their potential
3. Provide equal access to a range of learning experiences
4. Help students make informed choices about their future
5. Cater for all students’ individual abilities so all can achieve
6. Equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in contemporary society
7. Help embed aspects of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education – including British Values
8. Enable progression between different key stages

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