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Assessment and Reporting

Gosford Hill School understands that for students to achieve their full potential teachers need to accurately assess their needs and provide feedback which ensures they can improve. Parents play a crucial role in helping students to understand and act on that feedback, ensuring that students can produce work of the highest possible standard.

Students are assessed informally in every lesson using a variety of techniques to enable the teacher to provide instant feedback. They will also find feedback in their books and will receive more formal feedback after official whole assessment periods, such as a practice exams.

Parents will receive written feedback on their child’s progress two times a year. All parents are invited to meet their child’s tutor on the first day of term in September and to meet all their child’s teachers at a Parent Consultation Evening. For some year 11 students and all Sixth Form students there is an additional Parent Consultation evening. We always welcome questions from parents about their child’s progress at any time, as the role of the parent is so important in supporting a child’s learning.


  • Assessment is accurate and informs students what they can and cannot do, so that they can make progress
  • Assessment enables teachers to plan lessons that take account of students’ individual abilities to help them make progress
  • Assessment informs leaders in the school of the progress of individuals, classes, year groups and key groups
  • Reports are accurate and inform students and their families of the progress they are making at school and what they can do to improve


  • All students can make exceptional progress and realise ambitious targets
  • Assessment of student learning is integral to good teaching and informs lesson planning
  • Teachers and leaders within the school aim to provide accurate assessment of students so that the school can make informed decisions about student progress and know when intervention is required
  • Students know what they are doing well and what they need to do to improve so that they can take ownership of their learning
  • Parents are kept fully informed of how their child is progressing at school and are enabled to support their children through information received at Parental Consultation Evenings and from regular reports

Target setting

  • At KS3 and KS4 we will use FFT20 to set targets for students. We will also use CATS4 and Accelerated Reader to identify students who may need to have higher targets based on potential performance
  • At KS5 we will use ALPS to set targets
  • Students in KS4 and KS5 will know what their target grades are and that they are ambitious and challenging targets. They will know that they can perform above expectation
  • We may increase target grades based on student performance if they make exceptional progress


  • Each faculty will develop a curriculum map which includes a summary of what the students are learning and what they are being assessed on. It should contain a ‘narrative’ – where students will begin, how they will make progress and how will teachers assess their progress
  • Assessments need to be as holistic as possible. Teachers also need to use their professional expertise in deciding what a student has achieved. The cycle of assessment within each faculty area needs to support students in the acquisition and application of knowledge.
  • Every department needs to standardise and moderate their assessments to ensure judgements within departments are consistent.
  • Middle and Senior leaders need to moderate judgements between departments to ensure students are making progress when compared to national benchmarks.

Data Captures

  • At three assessment points during the year teachers enter holistic current grades and predicted grades for students in KS4 and KS5. These are analysed by leaders in the school to plan interventions and to target resources appropriately.

In KS3 there are also three assessment points during the year. However, teachers only need to enter a current, or working at grade, and a prediction as to whether they are on, above or below in terms of expected progress.

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