Tuesday July 23rd, 2019
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Cherwell House

House Leader: Jo Brimble

House Mission Statement:

Cherwell House is full of stars. It is not just about academic success for us, but it is the extraordinary talent and commitment to developing ourselves as a whole that we value. We are proud to
recognise everyone as an individual finding ways for them to light up the school.

Aiming high in order to benefit ourselves as well as our community is highly important. At times this can be a real challenge however we understand that life is a climb but the view from the top
is great.

Just like the Blue Giant, Cherwell stars are rare. It is stated that “the Blue Giant only develops from more massive and less common stars” which links to how Cherwell students focus on the bigger
picture looking beyond the darkness in order to find their full potential.

Being part of Cherwell House means that you will always
‘shine like the stars you are’.

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