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The Governing Body

Board of Governors

The role of the Board of Governors is a strategic one, achieved through having strong focus on three core functions:

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its
pupils, and 
Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Each Governor is a member of either the Finance and Resources Committee, or a Link Governor through the Monitoring Impact, Planning Change process.

MIPC (Monitoring Impact, Planning Change) Process

Our MIPC brings together aspects of school development planning, self-evaluation and responding to performance information.

Section A- School Development Plan- contains the Development Plan for the year, and monitors impact towards achieving the objectives set out, as well as giving a snap shot of progress towards actions.

Section B- Responding to Performance Information- Notes any key performance indicators that are of concern, plus follows through any previous concerns to track progress. A note of what intervention is needed is also made here.

Section C- Monitoring and Evaluation – Considers the work of teach team (each teacher for a Faculty or each Faculty for SLT), RAG rates each team member or Faculty, then sets out what further development is needed, and how and when that will be monitored. This shapes future priorities for monitoring such as lesson observation, work scrutiny and student feedback.

The MIPC is updated fully three times per year, after a Data Capture and is circulated as part of the Headteacher’s Report to Governors for each Full Board Governors Meeting.

Three times a year, we have Governor Link Meetings where the Link Governor attached to each member of the Senior Leadership Team meets with a group of Faculty Leaders and member of the Leadership Team to review the MIPC’s for their teams. This meeting is then followed by all of the Link Governors coming together to share what they have learnt about the impact of Teaching and Learning and to be informed of the work of the school.

Finance and Resources Committee

Purpose: to focus on ensuring that the school is efficient, effective and economic in the way it deploys its physical, IT, personnel and financial resources to achieve the vision of the school.

GovernorMembership CategoryDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeResponsibilities and Committees
Mr Nigel SellarsHeadteacherGovernor by virtue of holding office since 11/04/2016 –Finance and Resources, MIPC and MAT
Mr Adrian Mark CornessParent14/12/201513/12/2019Safeguarding Link, MIPC Link (Safeguarding, Single Central Record)
Miss Hayley CurtisStaff28/02/201727/02/2021Staff Governor
Mr Andrew GauldParent13/10/201712/10/2021Chair of Governors, MAT
Mrs Elaine MillardParent28/11/201627/11/2020MIPC Link (CBL and CAPE)
Mr Brian MossGovernor05/02/201804/02/2022Finance and Resources
Mrs Geraldine ShepherdGovernor01/09/201631/08/2020Finance and Resources, MIPC Link (SEN, Alternative Provision and Pupil Premium)
Mr Adrian ThomasParent08/05/201707/05/2021Vice Chair of Governors, MIPC Link (Science)
Mrs Kay UsherStaff28/02/201727/02/2021Staff Governor
Mr Clive WalshGovernor23/11/201622/11/2020Finance and Resources, Health and Safety Link
Mrs Stephanie WoodleyParent18/03/201817/03/2022Finance and Resources

Governors who have been in post during the last 12 months:

NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeDate Stepped DownAppointed by
Rachel Long 23/11/201622/11/2020 01/10/2018
Ros Avery15/11/2016 14/11/2020 02/10/2018

If you wish to contact a governor, please email or send a letter to Gosford Hill School FAO the Clerk to the Governors who will forward your letter to the appropriate governor.

Download the Board of Governors Register of Pecuniary Interests here.

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