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SEND and Intervention

In the Intervention Faculty we seek to ensure that all students fulfill their potential. We help students to access the mainstream curriculum and provide them with the skills required to succeed. We primarily work with students who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND).

Our wider focus is on ensuring quality first teaching and helping all students make good progress in their lessons. We work as an advisory service to support our colleagues across all subject areas in delivering truly inclusive lessons.

We offer a range of interventions and support programmes alongside the mainstream curriculum. These primarily support students in developing their basic literacy and numeracy. In addition to these we also offer a range of pastoral support courses and systems in order to promote good behaviour across the curriculum.

We have built strong links with outside agencies and local support services, these links help our students and staff to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We are aware that parents may have a range of questions about DSEN, as such we have prepared an SEND Report for parents. We hope this document can help to answer any questions you may have.

Please click here to download the Accessibility Plan

Please click here to download the SEND Policy

Foundation Pathway information:

As a faculty we know that some students will struggle with a full range of GCSE options. In addition recent changes by the government to examinations and the national curriculum mean that students will be expected to sit more examinations in year 11. At key stage four it would be wrong to expect all students to sit so many exams.

We have designed the foundation pathway to include the ASDAN ‘Certificate of Personal Effectiveness’ which is course work based and does not require a final exam. This allows us to focus on skills for working life and consolidating students’ basic literacy. More information on the ASDAN programme can be found here.

SENCo: Olga Jesior-Tiffert

SENCo: Fiona Moody

SEND and Intervention Team
Stephanie Clinch – Head of Alternative Provision
Laura Collyer – Teacher for Inclusion and Alternative Provision
Christine Andrew – Inclusion and Interventions Coordinator
Naomi Heydon – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Antonia Hedges – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Heidi DeGrave – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Jake Costello – Teaching Assistant
Victoria Miller – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Sara Gabbey – Teaching Assitant
Chritine Arthur – Interventions Administrator

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